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Brand-New Song "Perfect Day" Is Available EXCLUSIVELY on The Music Bed! (Let's Get Married.)

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So, it's no secret that I have an obsession with all things romantic and whimsical, which translates into an addiction to crafts and fashion, DIY projects, and... yes. Weddings. I'm a girl, I mean, come on. But for me, really, it's more about the incredible amount of planning and creativity that goes into building a beautiful, fairy-tale setting for one of the most memorable moments in a person's life. Over the past year since my EP "Odd Place To Be" was released, I've been honored to be included (in some small way) in over 100 couples' special days thanks to a wonderful website called The Music Bed and some amazingly talented videographers all across the world.

This summer, I got an email from two very innovative and forward-thinking guys, Nic and Daniel, telling me about a new venture of theirs called The Music Bed, a website that would allow wedding videographers, independent films makers, non-profit organizations and more license music legally and economically through their site. For anyone creating videos or films, this would be an incredibly user-friendly (and artist-friendly) way to find the perfect song to accompany their creations, without running the risk of using the  song without a license or the artist's consent. I of course thought that this was an incredible idea, and was thrilled to be invited on board! Since then, my song "Always Be" has been used in some beautiful and touching wedding videos, and I feel so blessed to get a glimpse into so many special days in peoples' lives! (Watch a few of them here.)

So, I am now THRILLED to announce that I have a brand-new song called "Perfect Day," which I wrote with these happy couples in mind, and it was released EXCLUSIVELY to The Music Bed today! That's right... it's not even on iTunes yet. Don't worry, guys, I'll be releasing the song to the public some time in February (ooh...maybe Valentine's Day? How poetic!), but for now, I wanted to do something to show The Music Bed and it's talented filmmakers my gratitude for supporting my music and giving me the distinct honor of seeing my song "Always Be" shine in their work. I am touched, and I hope that you enjoy "Perfect Day!" (You can preview the song on my home page-- scroll down to the SoundCloud player!)

Click here to view all of the songs that I have available for license on The Music Bed.

Here's what The Music Bed has to say about "Perfect Day":

Mellifluous: adjective (of a voice or words) sweet or musical; pleasant to hear, most often used when describing that darling Holley Maher. Sweet sugary goodness, this girl. Her latest EP Odd Place to Be highlights her dainty vocals that are beautifully pronounced over featured piano. Bright, video friendly tunes are what Maher consistently emanates from her imaginably flower adorned head. Her new single,Perfect Day, is no exception, and just so happens to be releasing exclusively on The Music Bed. Exclusively folks, as in not even on iTunes yet-- dig it.

Perfect Day will flawlessly lend itself to your wedding highlight video with charming love inspired lyrics and a soft build to swelling strings and echoing vocals. It'll sweep you right up. Be sure and check out the instrumental version as well!

Wedding Style Shoot Featuring "Just Right" by Kale Fitch Films

Wedding Style Shoot Featuring "Just Right" by Kale Fitch Films