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'Perfect Day' Is Live On iTunes... Just In Case You Hadn't Heard...

Just this morning, my newest song, "Perfect Day," went live on iTunes! I'm so very excited for you guys to hear this-- I've been saving this song for a special occasion, and I really hope you love it! Here are some helpful things you can do to spread the love:

1. Get the song on iTunes... duh.

2. Rate and review the song in iTunes! For this, I will gladly be your Valentine.

3. Share it with all of your friends!

4. Check out the live performance video of "Perfect Day," featuring some lovely friends of mine that you may recognize...

Have a wonderful candy hearts, red balloons, flowers and chocolates, tell me you love me day!

Free Desktop Art // No. 1 - "Be Odd, Be Beautiful"

Free Desktop Art // No. 1 - "Be Odd, Be Beautiful"

A Very Silly Valentine's Day Cartoon... Because It's Valentine's Day, And I'm Allowed To Be Cheesy.