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25 by 26 (and 1/4) List

25 by 26
25 by 26

So, as I understand it, this "(current age) number of goals before I turn (upcoming age)" list thing is supposed to occur on or around your birthday. Well, since I just discovered this fun little idea yesterday, I'm doing it now-- 3 months after my birthday. Thus, ladies and gentlemen, this is my "25 by 26 and a quarter" goals list. I thought it was only fair to give myself a full year to accomplish them (but maybe that's just my laziness talking!) I've been noticing in the nearly 5 months that I took the leap and went self-employed that it's become increasingly difficult to force myself to be productive. In the beginning, when I was still used to getting up for that glorious 9-5 job, it was easy. I popped out of bed in the morning, fixed some coffee, did some yoga, hit the shower, and by 10 I was at the coffee shop, nose obediently to the grindstone. Now? Well. I take a few more "sick days." While it's nice to have the option to stay pajama-clad all day while I work, I'm finding that it's really effecting my motivation. SO! Here's hoping that this little list will remind me of all the goals that I want to accomplish in my 25th year and help me make it count.

Here we go.

1. Establish a successful back porch garden. (Well, it's not on the back porch, but, check!)

2. Learn how to play the mandolin and/or ukulele.

3. Buy a musical treasure from Morelock Music in Knoxville. (Every time I go in there, I talk myself out of it!)

4. Triple the amount of money in my savings account.

5. Get back to my "happy weight."

6. Happily exercise at least 2-3 times a week.

7. Travel somewhere that I've never been.

8. Send more handmade cards and letters.

9. Keep my house and car cleaner.

10. Live on my own.

11. Take better care of my teeth and skin.

12. Blog more regularly -- 2-3 times per week. (Been good about that recently!)

13. Schedule not only "work," but also "play" time.

14. Have more candles and good-smelling things in the house. (Check! I love my Volcano candle from Anthro.)

15. Add 10 new records to my vinyl collection.

16. Learn how to screen print.

17. Get better at watercolor and gouache painting.

18. Get better at calligraphy and hand-lettering.

19. Write at least 3 studio-worthy songs per month.

20. Put out a new LP or full-length album, not just singles.

21. Play at least one show that is a really big deal.

22. Get really good at designing wedding invitations and paper goods.

23. Do more yoga and meditation. (Check!)

24. Co-write or collaborate with someone that I think is way out of my league.

25. License more songs for film and television placements.

What are your yearly goals?


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