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Being Better: Will You Be My Accountabilibuddy?

South Park? Anybody? No? Ok, then.

So, I've never been one of those healthy nutty people. I don't, never have, and probably never will be the kind of person that goes to the gym religiously and weighs herself everyday. I've tried calorie counting, but beyond it being a little eye-opening, it's never caused me to completely change my lifestyle or made much of a difference in the way I eat and (less importantly) look. But recently, I've found matters of health and lifestyle creeping into my subconscious and ultimately making me crave an altogether healthier life. Ugh, that sounds so granola. But it's true!

Let me give you a little background on moi.

When I was younger, I was a dancer. I mean, serious dancing, you guys. I danced for something like 20 years (oh man, that fact that I can say that I've done anything for 20 years is a bit frightening to me). I was a member of a competitive dance company from the time that I was 5 until I went off to college and danced some more there. I honestly don't know what I was thinking. It was fun, it was art, and it was hugely challenging (I'm gonna be such a crippled old lady!), but it was never really my passion.


Once I got to college, I tried to maintain a dance minor along with my music major, and it just wasn't working out. I ended up having to drop my minor my junior year. I kept dancing with a vocal/dance ensemble I was in, but once I graduated, I found that there were very few places that I could go to dance. I didn't want to take class with the high schoolers at local dance studios, and the "Adult" classes were mostly full of mommies who had never really danced at all (which is just fine, but wasn't really what I was looking for). So, I went from dancing literally 5-7 days a week for several hours a day to not dancing at all. I had no idea how to work out (I never had to!) and no idea how to eat right (because I used to burn all the junk food off in dance class!). I probably went 2 full years without any sort of regular exercise or self-restraint when it came to food.

This past year, as I've started to notice, hey, I don't really look exactly like I used to (holy crap, where are my abs???), I've realized that I simply have to do something about it. I've felt that way before, but a few things have changed in my life that I think will make it stick this time:

1. I have a wonderful boyfriend who is the Gold Standard for healthy eating. It's almost impossible to eat like a pig when I'm around him.

2. I nanny for two great families that eat organically, are hugely health conscious, and who have influenced me very gradually over the last 3 years I've been with them and their children.

3. My best friend Alex recently had some health issues which she's decided to manage holistically, with the help of her doctor, through a carefully controlled diet and with herbal, homeopathic remedies. I find this so inspiring!

And, perhaps, the most potent catalyst:

4. I recently watched the documentary Food Matters immediately followed by Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (sounds super cheesy and admittedly they are a bit, but I hugely recommend that you watch them on Netflix!). They blew my mind, and the next day, I bought a juicer and decided to start on a 2-week juice fast (more on that later...)

Now, I know that this isn't really a health blog. I'm not really sure what it is, exactly. Some of you guys are here because you like my music. Some are here because of my graphic design and artwork. I'm sure a few of you are here because of my posts on nannying and crafts. Well, whatever reason you're here, I hope you'll stick with me as I further my poor blog's already considerable identity crisis.

SO! I'm determined, guys. It's time to get better! In fact, it was time a loooong time ago. This is my public announcement:I'm doing this. I'm seriously and totally doing this. I'm making a sincere effort not to just to lose weight, but more importantly, feed my body better, get back into shape, and try to reverse the damage that's been done by years of consuming horrible, processed, and toxic foods and drinks. This is me, asking you to be my Accountabilibuddy. Hopefully, interspersing a few health-and-wellness centered posts into my normal blogging circulation will not only help to keep me on track towards being better (physically, emotionally, and spiritually), but maybe even inspire you guys to join in.

I have a LOAD of "Being Better" post ideas in store, so I hope you'll check back soon!


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