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Being Better: Day 3 of the Two Week Juice Fast (Please, Can I Just Have A Taco?)


T.B. and I are on Day 3 of this juice fast that I'm increasingly beginning to believe was a horrible idea. No, no, that's not true, I take it back. It was a great idea, and it's doing wonderful things for my body. The first three days are said to be the hardest, and I'm already a whiney little brat when it comes to self deprivation of any kind. The past three days, however, have proven a few things to me: 1. T.B. has a much stronger will power than I do, 2. I could never have done this on my own, so I'm seriously glad he volunteered to join me (I swear, I didn't force this torture onto him!), and 3. Carrot juice is actually pretty tasty.

Before I share a few of the recipes that we've tried out thus far, I wanted to give you a brief run-down of how it's been going. I've found that the mornings are the least difficult. I very rarely wake up hungry, so replacing breakfast with herbal tea and a juice hasn't been too terrible for me. It's by mid-afternoon that things start to go awry. Now, I know I'm getting plenty of nutrition -- we drink 16 oz of juice and 16 oz of water four times a day, our juices are mostly vegetable based with a little fruit to sweeten it up, and usually spiked with a SuperFood blend and wheatgrass powder -- so, it's not that my body is in distress or anything. By day 3, I hear, the detox portion of the fast begins, so it's going through a lot of cleansing, but that's good! The main reason why I'm struggling is because I have this voice in my head that's saying "I'M STARVING!" But I'm not! The amount of food I consume in one day is absurd! Over the next 1-2 days, most if not everything in the photo below will have been consumed by T.B. and I.


No, I'm definitely not starving. I'm just psyching myself into believing that I really need a taco, or a sandwich, or jeez, I'd be happy with one little slice of wheat toast! But the truth is, I don't need those things since I'm putting some of the best foods my body has ever had into my system right now. I'm hoping that after day 3, we'll be over the hump and it'll be a bit easier. Day 2 was much easier than day 1 (poor Dylan... I nearly reverted to toddler-esque temper tantrums in the midst of one particularly strong taco craving), so hopefully that trend will continue. Fingers crossed!

Now, enough of that and on to the positive stuff! While I still feel a little lagged (lack of energy in the first three days, I hear, is common, but after we get over "the hump," we can probably count on tons of energy and feeling great), I have to admit that most of the juices we've tried are not at all as horrific as I thought they'd be. We're very much in an experimental phase right now, but a few of our juices have been happy accidents and I thought I'd share some with you.

Most of our drink recipes we usually come up with on the spot. I only have a couple fixed recipes that I love as-is. The rest are ones T.B. and I have created on the fly. So change it up if you like! You'll get the hang of it after a while. Just remember, you want more veggies than fruits. Cucumbers are key because they taste delicious and yield a ton of juice, as are lemons, oranges, mint, and ginger, for their ability to mask some of the more pungent veggies like celery and kale.

Holley's Ideal Green Machine

Several stalks of kale (maybe 5 or 6, as they yield very little juice -- but this is a super food, so load up!)

A handful of spinach (you can't even taste it)

A cucumber (yummmm)

2 stalks of celery (these are pungent, so if you don't like celery, only use a couple stalks like me and make up for it by adding more spinach or kale. If you like it, go for it!)

1/4-1/2 of a pineapple

2 golden delicious apples (some say granny smith are too tart, but I like those, too)

1 inch slice of lemon

A handful of mint and/or ginger (zing!)

Cucumber Sherbert Lemonade

(The original recipe from "Juice Master Jason" includes no veggies at all, but because of the fast, I added some vegetables. It's still delicious, and we only have something this fruit-heavy once a day as a treat.)

2 golden delicious apples

1 inch slice lemon

A cumcumber

Cucumber Pineapple Refresher (serves 2)

2 cucumbers

1 pineapple

A large handful of mint

And, T.B.'s favorite...


And remember, you still need lots of protein, fatty acids, and dietary fiber, so I'd suggest adding a touch of SuperFood blend and wheatgrass to your juices. Although, beware, it doesn't taste great, so we suggest dividing your daily dosage between your four drinks per day. Otherwise, load up one of your juices and choke it down to just get it over with!


I know, I'm not making it sound too fun. But the truth about juice fasting is that it's NOT fun! At least not right now. And it's not easy. But, if it were about having fun and being easy, we'd be eating junk food all day and poisoning ourselves with nasties. So, I'm just trying to stay motivated and remind myself that my body will thank me when this is over!

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