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The Ideal Daily Routine (According To Me)

Ideal Daily Routine_Holley Maher
Ideal Daily Routine_Holley Maher

A little while ago, a shared a snapshot of my "ideal daily routine," as penciled into one of my many notebooks. Well, I decided to turn that little idea into a not-so-little infogram that will hopefully inspire you to find your ideal daily routine. Now, I know mine won't work for everyone. It's obviously geared towards free-lancers who don't have to clock in somewhere at 8:30 sharp (sorry...). But, really, I just put this together to inspire myself and hopefully you guys to make an effort to focus on health & wellness as much as we do on productivity throughout the day. Feel free to pin away (with a link back here, if you don't mind) and let me know if you find it helpful!

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