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My Interview With Birchbox: 5 Questions For Singer-Songwriter Holley Maher

My Interview With Birchbox: 5 Questions For Singer-Songwriter Holley Maher

Hi, friends! Just wanted to share an interview I did with Birchbox, a wonderful cosmetics company that delivers personalized beauty samples to your home once a month. What a lovely surprise to get in the mail! Birchbox recently used "Always Be" in their "What is Birchbox?" video (just below), and published their interview with me today (a bit further below.) I hope you enjoy them both, and take a browse around Birchbox's website, it's a treasure box! 

Last week, we told you about our new “What is Birchbox?” video, which features Holley Maher’s lovely song “Always Be.” Now we want to tell you a little bit more about this up-and-coming singer-songwriter. Based in Nashville, the indie-pop star weaves folk and jazz influences into her catchy tunes. We can’t stop humming her latest release, Perfect Day and we can’t wait to see what is next. Here, find out more about her touring style and hometown faves.

1. You just released Perfect Day this spring. What’s next for you?

I’ve got big plans! I’m actually writing for two projects right now. I don’t want to give too much away, but they’ll be very different from one another. I think that people can expect to hear something that’s grown and changed a lot since my last project… and that’s about all I can say. You’ll just have to wait and see!

2. How much time do you spend on the road?

I spent about a month total on the road this year, I think. Touring is wonderful and so much fun, but for now, I’m writing more songs than I can keep up with. So I think my time is better spent in the studio and getting more songs out to more ears. At least for now.

3. What’s your beauty routine—both at home and on the road?

I go through makeup phases. Right now, I’m taking a less-is-more approach to help cope with this Nashville summer heat. I use Jason’s Apricot Face Scrubble, which my skin seems to appreciate. Then, a touch of Smashbox foundation, a pretty tangerine blush from the Sephora-Pantone collection on my cheeks and eyelids, a light colored shimmery eye shadow on the inside corners of my eyes and my brow bone, then a little chocolate colored pencil and mascara. It’s quick and summery and doesn’t cake up when I step outside. The routine is pretty much the same on the road, except I’m doing it in the passenger side mirror or the hotel bathroom.

4. What do you love about Nashville?

Oh, man. I love this city. It’s mostly the people, I think. There’s a real sense of positivity and camaraderie here that you just don’t find anywhere else. I have a lot of Nashville haunts. For coffee, it’s Crema or Barista. For drinks, it’s Holland House if we’re feeling fancy, or Rosepepper Cantina for those crazy house margaritas. I probably eat at Mas Tacos at least once a week; their chicken tacos and street corn are insane. As far as music venues go, I love The Basement for the atmosphere and The Rutledge for their awesome sound. The thrift store scene here is amazing, and my favorite boutiques areImogene + Willie’sBlush, and Two Old Hippies.

5. What is always in your handbag?

Right now, I’ve got my phone, keys, wallet, portable hard drive, computer charger, several guitar picks, a capo, dental floss, sunscreen, six Sharpie pens, and four shades of lipstick.

Hear Holley’s song “Always Be” in our brand-new Birchbox video. Watch now.


Holley isn’t spending too much time on the road right now, but we bet when she is traveling she could use some travel beauty tips from our Long Haul Beauty feature

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