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Happy New Year From H. Maher Creative!

New Year, New You!

I was sitting in my office recently, pondering my New Year's resolutions, and it occurred to me that mine were probably pretty universal hopes and and wishes for things to come in the New Year-- get in better shape, eat more wisely, finally get all that junk out of my coat closet, and (most importantly) do all those things I've been meaning to do that'll really give my career a little boost in 2013. Things like a new logo (check!), new business cards (those are on the list), and a new album in the New Year (surprise!) are the things that are way up there on my priority list for both my music and my design careers. So, I thought, what if I could help make that happen for everyone else? Et, voila! Today was born the "New Year, New You" contest.

All you have to do is visit H. Maher Creative's Facebook Page and share the above photo to all your friends, and you'll automatically be entered to win $50 off your graphic design project in 2013! Think about it -- It's just one click away! Those business cards you've been wanting? That new logo for your business? That album you're putting out in the spring? That concert you're playing next month? That wedding you're planning in May? C'mon! It's a no-brainer! So head on over and start sharing, and your New Year could be a little Happier, on me. :) Winner will be announced on Friday, December 3rd, 2012, at 12 pm CST.

Happy New Year, from H. Maher Creative!

Free Desktop Art // No. 2 - "Chill"

Free Desktop Art // No. 2 - "Chill"

Live At The Bluebird Cafe Nov 29 - Tickets Available This Thursday, 11/22, 8am!