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Didot: The Best Font Ever* Since 1783


*according to me. And everyone who knows a good font when they see it.

I recently had a friend ask me what makes a good font. Hell if I know. But I know a good one when I see it, and Didot is my newest obsession (see blog header, and any project I've worked on in the last several months), but I'm apparently a few centuries behind the times.

Designed by Firmin Didot in Paris in 1783, this font has been the best friend of every modern, fashion-forward magazine for shmuhshmuh years (if you're looking for historical accuracy, this blog is not the place to find it.) More recently, it's won my heart over and I plan to use it lovingly for shmuhshmuh years, myself. I love the ultra-thin serifs and the fact that they don't sort of taper off between stem and serif -- it's nice, clean, and blunt. And the italic version is just oh, so pretty. So, hats off to you, Firmin. I could kiss you on the mouth, but you're a little too old for me.

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