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I'm Holley.

Welcome to my blog. I document my adventures in wellness, travel, art, music, design, decor, and entertainment.

Music While You Wait ...



You Are Mine  // February // Odd Place To Be // Fall For You

"Euphorics" comes out on June 18th (just 5 days away!) and will feature Gimme Your Love, Golden, Hiding Place, I Do (feat. Jonathan Lister), and Whispered Wordsbut just in case you're getting impatient, here a few old and new things to hold you over. You Are Mine is a song by Spencer Combs that he asked me to lend my voice to, and it JUST came out. "February" is my acoustic living room EP which came out this past February. Fall For You is a fun little ditty that I wrote for a commercial a few months ago, and then, of course, there's "Odd Place To Be," my debut EP baby. Enjoy, and get ready for #euphorics to come to iTunes, Amazon MP3, Rhapsody, and Spotify on Tuesday!

"Euphorics" EP // Album Packaging Unveil

"Golden" Premieres on WXPN's The Key... Oh, Hey, What's Up, Free Download?