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Manhattan, Here I Come

Manhattan, Here I Come



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The trip I've been looking forward to all summer is nearly here. I've been working all day and most of the night, cramming two months of design work into one so that I can take the entire month of August off to visit my favorite island on this lovely little marble of ours -- Manhattan.

The plan is that I'll spend a week or two of my trip down on the New Jersey shore visiting my family, and checking out everything that's changed since Hurricane Sandy decided to make her presence known all over my favorite childhood locations, including my grandmother's house. It'll be the first time that I've been home since Christmas, and then, I was too traumatized by the whole thing to do anything but peek in the windows of the house, which had been completely gutted. Every room, familiar smell, and little stair that I used to play Go Fish with my grandfather on was gone forever. I couldn't bring myself to go down to the boardwalk (or lack thereof) after that, so I'm really excited to visit now, when things are starting to reappear. I'm hoping that it still feels like home.

Part B of the plan is to spend 1.5 or 2 weeks in Manhattan. A few of those days will be spent visiting my wonderful best friend, Steven, whom I've only seen once in about 4 years because he's been off having adventures in Tokyo. A few of those days will be spent riding the train into town and (hopefully! fingers crossed!) working on a suuuuuuper amazing, still-as-of-yet-unnanounced design project that I seriously cannot wait to tell you all about. And about 5 or 6 of those days (and this is the best part) will be spent holed up in a rented loft, hopefully writing the beginnings of my next studio project.

I. Cannot. Wait.

Manhattan, here I come.

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