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I'm Holley.

Welcome to my blog. I document my adventures in wellness, travel, art, music, design, decor, and entertainment.

June '13 // Insta-Recap (Better Late Than Never)



I might be a bit late on this Instagram Recap of the month of June, but that doesn't diminish the overall loveliness of last month. For one, my new EP Euphorics was released, which, of course, made my heart quite happy. But also, I passed some wonderful hours with friends, shooting darts in garages, filming a new music video (stay tuned), adding a new band to my list of favorites, blowing bubbles, and getting a new tattoo. Overall, wonderful. And of course, there was Father's Day, hence the photo of baby Holley trying to give 80's Daddy a kiss while he slept. Awwwr.

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