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Home Tour // Making A Home From A Rented House


I've always been a bit of a nester. I was the kid who convinced her parents to let her paint song lyrics on the walls of her bathroom. When I moved in to a newly-renovated 1920's rental cottage in East Nashville two years ago, I didn't bring much with me besides my bedroom furniture and a hand-me-down futon. The place was a blank slate. As a work-from-homer, it's pretty important to me that my home and my workspace are places that bolster my creativity and desire to workSo, slowly over the next two years, I began collecting things and trying to build a home from a rented house on an artists' budget. What I have now is my own little cocoon, a place that I'm happy to stay cooped up in all day, writing songs and designing 'til my heart's content.

Above: The studio is by far my favorite room in the house, and is perfect for both songwriting and designing. My one big splurge was the desk, which I built myself. The wooden slab is reclaimed vintage barn wood, and I ordered the metal hairpin legs online. I still dream of one day owning a set of Eames chairs, but for now, these Target knock offs (I know...but, budget!) are working quite nicely and were much more kind to my wallet. The vintage metal box was an Etsy find, and the yellow piece of art and my task lamp both came from West Elm -- on sale, of course.

Below: The metal file holders, the vintage paper cutter, and the giant metal vintage barrister cabinet (not pictured) in which they live were all from Etsy. So were the mounted antlers, which I painted myself.

Below: The accordion was left to me by a distant relative, and the 60's sewing box which doubles as a piano bench was given to me by my grandmother. The piano was a gift to my roomate from her ex (win!)

Below: My laptop and I like to relocate to the couch every once in a while for a change of scenery. I found the couch for $100 on Craigslist, and while it's certainly not the coziest thing on earth, I still happily enjoy my coffee, breakfast, and jazz music here every morning. I also like to pour myself a glass of wine and read a book in the evenings to wind down from a long day.

Above: You may recognize my DIY orange dresser from this post. The coffee table was designed by my best friend's husband, the multi-talented Spencer Combs (whom I've also released a song with.) For every table sold, his new company Orchard Tables feeds 15 kids in Swaziland for an entire month!!! Check them out.

Below: My beautiful grandmother, next to an ink drawing of two sea urchins that my dear friend, Mexico City native filmmaker and artist Yuri Figueroa, made for me.

Below: The kitchen probably sees more coffee made than food, but it warrants my favor due to its proximity to the record player.

Below: If you don't mind a little math and a lot of Scotch tape, check out the tutorial I made for the triangle painting. The table and chairs we bought from our landlords when we moved in, and the rolling industrial cart is from World Market, marked way down because of a gash in the wood, which I covered with a stack of vinyl records.

Below: My bedroom is my little sanctuary. It's the one place where girliness prevails.

Above: The painting I created my smearing paint on to the canvas with a paper towel tubeI purchased my bed a few years ago from Ikea -- one of my first "big girl" purchases when I first lived on my own. My wonky dresser was a Craigslist rip off (it was bound to happen once), and the white lacquer jewelry box from West Elm was a Chirstmas gift from my wonderful daddy. The shoe shelves inside my wardrobe were also from Target, while the wardrobe itself (not pictured) was a total steal for $40 on Craigslist.

Below: Two out of three throw pillows were Target finds, while the Alyson Fox chevron pillow cover and my bedding came from West Elm (you can't be surprised to hear that those were on sale, too.) The porcelain hands are from Urban Outfitters.

All photography by Holley Maher. Feel free to pin and re-blog, but please link back here!

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