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Golden // The Official Music Video Premiere


Give the below bit a read before you press play. This is a story.

**Click that lovely little gear in the bottom right corner and select "1080p HD" to watch the video in high-res**

About the video:

"Golden," track number one from my recent EP Euphorics, is a song about being in love and (as I said to Quinn Erwin while we were writing it together), "freakin' ROCKING at it." When I got the bug to create a video for the song, I just couldn't think of a way to represent that kind of kick-a$$ love without it seeming inauthentic or staged. So... I decided not to stage it at all. Instead, I grabbed my camera and hit the streets of Nashville to try and capture love in real-life. The resulting video is a hodge-podge of couples, some friends and some complete strangers, just doing their thing, being awesome at being in love. I'm a naturally shy person, and this exercise of putting myself out there, walking up to total strangers and asking them if I could film them, was on one hand completely excruciating, but on the other hand, so much fun! I got to meet dozens of wonderful people, out and about, enjoying the weather, just doing what they do -- people who were completely unafraid to put on display just how much they love one another. It was amazing.

Nashvillians, you may see a few people you recognize (including Marie Hines & her husband Ben of The Delta Saints, husband and wife duos Carolina Story and Elenowen, and Jeffrey James, just to name a few.) But many of these are new faces to me, so if you know someone in this video, make sure to comment and let me know who they are, and share it with them! Spread the love.

In other news, I recently did an hour-long interview with Nicholas Young from The Machine, a radio podcast based in Chicago. The program is a pretty seriously in-depth look at my career from beginning to present... Like a free therapy session! Have a listen.

A huge "thanks" goes out to Daily Candy for featuring this video and helping us spread the love!, and to Nashville Nonfiction for capturing some B roll of me capturing some A roll.

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