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July '13 // Insta-Recap



July was a chaotic month during which I tried to balance my (probably over-ambitious) workload with the necessary amounts of fun -- a feat which I accomplished with the grace and skill of a tightrope walker sporting an inner ear infection. I attempted to cram two months of design work, co-writes, recording sessions and interviews into one, knowing that my month-long trip to the East Cost (stay tuned) was about to begin, and once I left Nashville, I wouldn't want to do much of anything. But as crazy and chaotic as July was, I'm not sure I would change a thing.

Not the rainy 4th of July that we used in our favor to go slip-and-sliding at a local golf course.

Not the wedding invitation suite, two website builds, two album artwork projects, logo design, or llama-themed sticker (yes, really) that I cranked out in about 3 weeks.

Not the photo shoot for which I spent a couple of hours climbing through the woods and swimming around a muddy lake in a never-before-worn full length chiffon gown.

Not the crazy evenings with K-Rog and Co. that usually concluded between 2 and 4 in the morning over french toast and bacon, either at her apartment or at Hermitage Café.

And definitely not the day trip to Fall Creek Falls that I took with a bunch of my closest friends, during which I (truly and not at all exaggeratedly) nearly drowned, but also climbed a seriously impressive natural rock wall, balanced on a giant floating log, walked across a fallen tree over a small ravine, at a SERIOUSLY delicious chimichanga, and enjoyed myself and the world around me with the reckless abandon of Maria in The Sound Of Music (the opening scene with the wind and the twirling the mountains and stuff, before everything got all WWII-y.)

Now, on to August... and more adventures to come.

August 2013, Pt. 1: Holley Reunites With Family & Takes A Rubber Ducky To A Bar

August 2013, Pt. 1: Holley Reunites With Family & Takes A Rubber Ducky To A Bar

Golden // The Official Music Video Premiere