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September 2014 // Insta-Recap

September 2014 // Insta-Recap

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If you've been following the blog long, you may be familiar with a monthly ritual that I keep called the "Insta-Recap." The general idea is that, while social media surely is a time-suck, there's a benefit to living with a camera glued to your right palm or butt cheek (especially for those of us with an awful memory.) That benefit is the simple fact that, while my goldfish brain may lose precious moments about as effortlessly as I lose bobby pins or my "nice" sunglasses (why do the Target ones never get lost?), the internet never forgets. So, it's good to look back every once in a while and remind myself what I've been up to for the past month. It makes me feel like I haven't just been sitting on the couch, watching everything....everything....on Hulu.


1 // My song "The Only Walls For Me" came out on iTunes, in the background of an Ikea commercial, and in lyric-video form. I wrote this song just a few months ago, and it was picked up immediately, which left me with a general "whuuuu?" kind of feeling. Kinda like the Coyote when the Road Runner whizzes by, and he's all like, "Gosh, it's breezy today." You can read all about it here.

2 // I got kissed by Kristen Rogers again. What's new?

3 // I took a calligraphy class hosted by the lovely and talented Meredith Bullock, and now I'm addicted. I have a feeling that November's Insta-Recap is going to be killer, as we and 10 other amazing lady-creatives are going on a wooded, cabin-y, bon-fire-y retreat mid-month. I'm exploding with excitement!

4 // I met my sweetheart's parents (eek!) which was completely lovely (of course), and Mr. P and I took our first photos together. Awwr.

5 // Apparently, there are people who enjoy training for months on end, getting up before the sun, and competing against one another in feats of extraordinary athleticism (read: insanity) called "triathlons." I had the privilege of waking with the sun and not competing at all, but rather, singing the National Anthem. I found this much preferable, and the morning fog on the lake was worth the early wake up call.

6 // Kristen and I got to visit our friend Kelly's 7th grade homeroom class where we told "our stories," talked about our careers, and then actually wrote a chorus with them based on a few paragraphs that I'd selected out of "The Opposite of Loneliness." It was a complete honor and a soul-awakening experience. Plus, they wrote me thank-you letters in which one student told me that my "top knot is fabyalus."

7 // I channelled Garance Doré for a self portrait.

8 // My girls came over for a night of wine and candle-making. My house smelled like a hippie laundromat and I am still scraping wax off of my counters, but it was completely worth it.

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