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Christmas Done Local // An All-Nashville Holiday Shopping Guide

Christmas Done Local // An All-Nashville Holiday Shopping Guide

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I don't have to tell you the benefits of shopping locally; supporting your local makers, contributing to your beloved city's economy, and whatnot. But the real upside of doing your holiday shopping locally in Music City is that we've just got some seriously, seriously cool sh*t. Nashville is just chock full of us artsy fartsy creative types, which means that we also have a plethora of unique, handmade gifts just waiting to be discovered. This is just a small collection of locally-made gems that will make your holiday gift-giving extra personal, whether you're from Nashville or not. The items pictured above are available for sale online and in-store, and at the bottom of the list below, I've included a few amazing shops in Nashville without online purchasing options that locals will definitely want to check out in person.

1.     Soberdough Brew Bread // Roasted Garlic

This stuff is the jam (and come to think of it, some of those flavors would be seriously good with jam...) It's mega-easy, all natural, "just add beer" bread. For real. That's it. It also happens to be vegan, kosher, dairy free, nut free, oil free, and soy free, but honestly, they had me at "just add beer." They come in a zillion flavors like pumpkin spice (hello), cinnamon raisin, rosemary, "Buffalovin' Wing" (kill me now), and a bunch of others that basically add up to "my diet starts on January 1st."

2.     East Nashville Spice Co. // Heat & Original

For all your culinary-savvy friends and family members, this is a lovely way to bring a little Nashville into their kitchens. They're all-purpose seasoning blends of 16 different herbs and spices combined and handcrafted right here in Music City, Tennessee. Can you say yum?

3.     Board & Bread // Black Walnut Weaving Loom

I have a feeling that this little guy is about to spark an obsession in me. I already have a lady-date planned for this weekend to make hand-woven place mats, because inside, I'm a cheerful old lady. This stupidly beautiful handcrafted lap loom is a wonderful gift for your crafty counterparts, and is bound to join me on every airplane ride for the rest of forever.

4.     Hey Rooster General Store // Kitchen Tea Towel

Because every woman loves a beautifully printed kitchen towel, let's be honest. Hey Rooster carries a million bajillion lovelies like this one. You'll lose yourself in there, I swear. 

5.     Nisolo // Sobre Leather Clutch in Scarlet 

Nisolo is an incredible leather crafting shop right here in my own neighborhood of Germantown. Their shoes and bags are absolutely, stupidly gorgeous (if you have a lady friend with champagne taste to impress, holy heaven, this bag), but they have an amazing collection of smaller leather goods that are more budget friendly and still swoon inspiring.

6.     Otis James // Handcrafted Necktie 

For the Dapper Dan in your life, you can't go wrong with a handcrafted necktie by Nashville native Otis James. He makes everything from bow ties to pocket squares and every gentlemanly accoutrement in between.

7.     Imogene + Willie via Olo Fragrance // Cedar & Rose

While the fragrance makers themselves are in Portland, Nashville denim savants Imogene + Willie carry this heavenly scent on their shelves. It's feminine without being overly flowery, and smells a bit like a stroll through a garden in early fall.

8.     Love Virginia Ruth // Red Plaid Pocket Square 

My Dapper Dan is all about pocket squares and handkerchiefs, which I find unendingly charming. This one features a festive pattern and would look lovely peeking out from a stocking...

9.     Dalman Supply Co. // The Jon Lock Natural Key

This ingenious bike lock is perfect for those who are a lot more fit and eco-conscious than you and I. Nashvillians can find these in stock at Halcyon Bike Shop.

10.     Bongo Java // Guatemala Rio Azul

I've tried a lot of coffees. Like, a lot. I've had all the fancy brews from Portland and Booklyn that they whip up at shops like Barista Parlor and Crema, and they're great. But when it comes to my little at-home french press, for whatever reason, this locally roasted, decidedly "unfancy" coffee always wins. All the Bongo blends are great, but the Rio Azul and the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe are just... ugh... woah.

11.     Red Earth Trading Co. // Night Light Necklace

Not only does Red Earth design some lovely pieces, but they're also handcrafted from repurposed brass by artisans in Uganda to help lift families out of poverty. Incredible company to contribute to, and this piece is my favorite by far from their new Fall/Winter collection.

12.     Paper & Clay Studio // Winter Landscape Coffee Mug

Brit McDaniel makes the most beautiful ceramics I have ever seen. Enough said.

13.     Little Seed Co. // Farmstead Milk Soap Greatest Hits

Goat Milk Soap?! Doesn't that just sound decadent? These soaps are all-natural and chemical free, and their Greatest Hits package includes Rosemary Mint Scrub, Lavender, and Activated Charcoal. Stop it.

14.     Straw Castle // “Visit Nashville Today” Red Block Print

This gorgeous wood carved block print from Straw Castle is perfect for your out-of-town family and friends. Just remember -- visit, don't move here. We're full.

15.     Wildcard Designs // Growler Carrier

This handcrafted growler carrier is a must for beer enthusiasts, especially frequenters of Nashville's Filling Station.

16.     Judith Bright // Cleo Deux Ring 

This ring (and everything by Judith Bright, really) is not only gorgeous but completely customizable. You can not only choose from an assortment of gems and stones, but also choose your metal.

17.     Shotwell Candy Co. // Original Salted Caramels 

And finally, because Christmas is made for sweets and I just LOVE caramels, these mouth-watering caramels from Shotwell come in an assortment of stupid-good flavors.

Locals*, check out these fine shops as well:

OMG (Old Made Good) // White's Mercantile // ACME Feed & Seed General Store // Sisters of Nature // PULP // Moxie Fearless Furnishings  // Savant Vintage

*Bonus! Looks like OMG just launched an online shop, and White's Mercantile and ACME are soon to follow. Lucky world!

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