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Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Hello, Lovebirds! Valentine's Day is right around the corner (What?! Yes. I know.), so I thought I'd help you out by pairing your favorite Wink Wink Paper Co. cards with the perfect gifts! Each of our newest love and friendship cards from our 2016 Valentine's Day Collection has been matched with a sweet little gift for your sweeties (or besties!), sure to please. A lot of our gift suggestions are small-batch, made with love, and native to Nashville*, just like us.

1. ass cactus card + air plant hanger
No one likes an ass cactus. Remind your single friends that it could be a hell of a lot worse with our most popular card this season. Pair it with a sweet little air plant (read: this plant is basically immortal) and a geometric air plant hanger from our friends at The Zen Succulent. It's nice to have something lovely that won't quit on you (like your ass cactus of an ex.)

2. better together card + handmade tn cheese board 
There's nothing like a perfect pairing, and while a nice bottle of wine needs no improvement, literally everything is better with cheese. Surprise your other half with our "Better Together" card and a gorgeous handcrafted ceramic cheese board from our talented studio-mates, Handmade Studio Tennessee. Wouldn't be a bad idea to get a nice bottle of red, see where the night takes you. 

3. love city card + night out at Rolf & Daughters
Finding love in the big city can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Our "Love City" card will let your person know how glad you are to have found them, which is sure to make them swoon. Pair that with a super-romantic, candlelit dinner at our favorite Germantown restaurant, Rolf & Daughters (or, your favorite local spot), and get ready to win Valentine's Day. (Might wanna make those reservations, like, right now.)

4. nothing and everything card + orange tie-dye florence kimono
Grocery shopping, watching "Seinfeld" reruns, splitting candy bars, doing laundry... It doesn't much matter what you're doing, it's just better with them around. Remind your favorite lady how much you like hanging out with her with our "Nothing and Everything" card, and help her get her lounge on with this super-lovely and cozy kimono by Hey Wander. Or, ladies, gift yourself with it, and gift him by showing up for your next binge watch sesh in nothing but the kimono and your skivvies. See how far he makes it through "How To Make A Murder" before jumping your bones.

5. you me here later card + 3-day weekender bag
Give our "You Me Here Later" card to your honey during the day and let them look forward to what's coming later (wink wink). It'll drive em nuts. Try pairing it with this 3-day weekender bag by Hunker Bag Co. for all those nights they end up sleeping over at your place. Or, for those of us who are wedded or living in sin (*raises hand*), pack this baby up for your next romantic getaway.

6. valentine pug card + temporary pug tattoos 
Who doesn't love a pug?? Snag a copy of our adorable new pug card for the doggie enthusiast in your life. This is the perfect card for those of you who are planning on crushing Valentine's Day by surprising your honey with a puppy (hint hint, babe. HINT HINT.) But if you're not tryna go ALL IN with a new fur baby, hold your sweetie over with some super-adorable temporary doggie tats by Hello Harriet. Because, CUTE.

*Nashvillians, come shop in person! We're having a Valentine's Day Pop-Up on Thursday, February 11th, from 5-8 pm at our studio at 100 Taylor St. in Germantown. Chow, sip, and shop with us, Henri RoseHandmade Studio Tennessee, and Vintage Florals.

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