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Procreate // Let Us Introduce You To Our Favorite New Illustration App

Procreate // Let Us Introduce You To Our Favorite New Illustration App


Today's guest post is brought to you by Annie, our lovely and totally amazing assistant here at Wink Wink Paper Co. She's going to tell you about Procreate, an app she's been using a *lot* lately ("obsessed," I believe it the word she used.)

Note: We're not getting gifted or paid to promote any of this stuff, which is how you know it's actually awesome.

Attention all designers, illustrators and my lil’ doodle junkies! If your haven’t heard... there’s an app that’s going to *take over the world.*

Procreate (for iPad), contrary to what the name might lead you to believe, has nothing to do with the act of making babies. But it is our new favorite toy, and here are a few reasons why.

First off, it’s hard not to swoon over this app for it’s price point of $6. Yes. SIX DOLLARS. And I mean it when I say this app will LITERALLY replace some of your programs that, at one point or another, cost you a small fortune. (We're lookin' at you, Adobe.)

*Warning: this app is addicting* After downloading Procreate, I didn’t see sunlight for a solid 3 days. (Ha ha, j/k , kind of...) Let’s get into some deets on why this app is so freakin’ great.


You can create ANY size you’d like: pixels, inches, centimeters or millimeters. Choose your DPI, name your project and *shaaaazam* you’ve got yourself a lovely space to create. Procreate even saves your custom canvases in a list, so all you have to do is choose which one you want. Also, with a little drag and drop action, you can group your canvases together for a nice, organized workspace. Hells yeah.


Say BYE FELICIA to those pesky real-life paint brushes (insert: pens, pencils, markers, etc...) No more mysteriously vanishing Micron pens, accidentally (and unknowingly) wiping india ink across your face, or forgetting to wash your favorite paint brush so it’s forever covered in white acrylic... (A note from Holley here: she's talking about me. That's me, everyday. Carry on, Annie.)

Now, a wide array of tools are all at your finger/stylus tip!

From brush pens to Gouache paint to Zombie Skin and Nebula brushes, this app has you covered. Not happy with how the brush is functioning? Well, just double tap that little bad boy and you can customize each brush to your personal liking. There’s even an area at the top that lets you test out your brush so you can see the changes you’ve made.

Find yourself thinking, “Hey why isn’t there a *whatever your little heart desires* kind of brush?” Don’t fret, my friends, you can also create your own! Check out this tutorial vid for some helpful info:


If you design digitally in Photoshop or Illustrator, then you know how important layers are. With the new holiday update, you can now select and group multiple layers, which is soooo helpful. Plain and simple, it’s super user friendly. You can do so much by either double tapping a layer or swiping it left. We also think it’s super neat-o that each layer has BLEND OPTIONS! *high five emoji*


Saving and sharing your artwork has never been so simple. They give you multiple formats to choose from, and then you just tap where you want it to go. You can simply save it to your Camera Roll on your iPad or send it straight to Dropbox, Instagram, iCloud, email, Facebook, Google Drive, some other crazy app that you love and we haven’t heard of, or even your printer. #win

Some other cool things: Time-lapse Replay & Recording, Live Broadcast, Screen Capture. Makin' it easy to share what you're working on with the world!

We could get into every little fantastic detail about this app, but we don’t want your eyes to glaze over with the hours of reading you would be doing. Our advice: spend the $6 for this app, and go to town. You won’t regret it.

In other news, my MacBook has never felt so neglected. Sorry, honey. xoxo.

Tools [we think] you need in your life, now that you're obsessed with Procreate:

  • A stylus. I chose the Apple Pencil (and not just because I’m an Apple junkie). After researching stylus options, I came to terms with the fact that this $95 product would be the best investment. Let me tell, ya it is. 
  • I also purchased this charging dock and stand by Lightning Power, which is super helpful for making sure my Apple Pencil doesn’t roll off the table a disappear forever.
  • And lastly, this totally-awesome felt iPad carrier by Inteck. It functions as a stand, and has multiple pockets to tote around cords and whatever you need.
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