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MyHouzz // Our Artsy Nashville Home Tour

MyHouzz // Our Artsy Nashville Home Tour


Instagram is kind of amazing, and for a lot more reasons than selfies and memes. (Those are cool, too.) Some incredible opportunities have sprung out of my DM box on Insta, including being asked by my now-bestie Beth Beckman to illustrate "Little Kid, Big City!", and at least 437 requests for custom painted portraits.

Most recently, my Insta inbox presented me with a message from the lovely Caroline Sharpnack, an interiors photographer, asking if she could shoot our place for a feature on Houzz.

*blink blink*

You know how nothing is ever *truly* finished when it comes to your house? Like, there's always a least a handful of things on that to-do list that just never really get to-done. "I've been meaning to repaint the guest room," or "eventually, I'm gonna replace that coffee table," or whatever? Yeah, so, cue me freaking out a little bit when I got that message from Caroline. A Houzz feature?! ME?! BUT BUT BUT...!

But, hey, you know what? Nothing is ever truly finished, and that's totally fine. That's life. I love that my space is constantly evolving with me and around me. And at the end of the day, I'm just insanely flattered that Houzz would even *want* to come take pictures of our little house. (Like, what?! Weird.) 

So, anyway -- here it is, our MyHouzz tour! Caroline did such a fantastic job that I couldn't help but share a few more of the photos she took of our place. Check out the write-up that she did for Houzz, which includes purchase links for a lot of the furniture and decor, and scroll down to peep all of Caroline's lovely photographs!

All photos by Caroline Sharpnack on behalf of Houzz
Book our space for photo + video shoots via Avvay.

Maher-Parks Home Layout.jpg

I made you a little map to help you get the lay of the land. Wasn't that sweet of me?

The house has a bit of an odd layout, particularly the entry way/dining room area. When the real estate agent showed me the house, even she wasn't totally clear on how to spaces were meant to be used. It was suggested to me that I should put the living room in the entry way, or in the dining room (leaving us with no where to eat) so that front room could be used as a third bedroom.

Call me crazy, but I like watching Netflix and eating at a proper table better than I like being able to accommodate 4 guests at once. Thus, this is layout we went with.


The entry may be too small for a full living room, but it's certainly large enough for a bar. This couch from West Elm is the perfect spot to cozy up with a cocktail and listen to records.

The dining room (and its black wall) is one of my favorite spaces in the house. The wall makes a perfect backdrop for one of my first large-scale paintings and my mother's pink crystal chandelier. The booby pillow from Continuum Bazaar in Cincinnati is a huge hit with guests. We call her Francine.


Our living room is essentially my cozy femme-cave, full of plants and art and blankets and hours upon hours of Hulu. It's also where my Wink Wink back stock lives. The better to fill your orders with, my dear. 

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This is the one room in the house I'm not terribly thrilled with. It's comprised of a lot of leftover pieces from family and past apartments, and I don't necessarily think it reflects my personal style right now. But nevertheless, it's a cozy room for our guests, and also functions as Daniel's practice room and office. 


This is where we cook stuff, although we never eat here. The contractor was apparently a very tall man, because the counter in here is too high for humans with torsos of an average length.


Because this is the largest and most private room in the house, it also serves as my songwriting room. (This room is my jam, you guys. Get it?)

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Thanks for peeking! Learn more about booking our space for photo/video shoots, songwriting sessions, and other creative endeavors at Avvay.

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