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One Piece, Three Ways // Styling Jogger Pants For Day, Work, and Evening

One Piece, Three Ways // Styling Jogger Pants For Day, Work, and Evening

Hiya, kiddos. In this post, we'll talk about: 

  • My Uniform Formula, or Uni-Formula, if you will.
  • How to wear one pair of exceptional pants three ways.
  • How to banish half of your wardrobe and not shed a single tear like the mercenary you are.

Unabashedly girlie post coming up. Just try to keep in mind that I'm also the (grown-ass) woman who's attending PotterCon in full costume, so don't write me off quite yet.

I realized recently that I have a uniform.

Black high waisted jeans + a cropped top or tucked in shirt + something optional over it = me, every day.

I do not stray from this uniform. This uniform and I are blood brothers. I am more committed to this uniform than I am to binge watching Grand Designs right now.

There's my uniform with a hat. Ope, and there it is on a stage. And, oh shit, there it is again. And again. And one more time.

There's my uniform with a hat. Ope, and there it is on a stage. And, oh shit, there it is again. And again. And one more time.

It does vary a little. Sometimes the cover-up is a cardigan, sometimes it's a sheer kimono. Sometimes the shirt is a tucked in button-up blouse, more often than not it's a cut-off t-shirt or a cami. But the jeans are (literally) always the same. Urban Outfitters' black twig grazer skinny jeans. I own 2 pair. I wear them at least 5 times a week. If it's not the jeans, it's a maxi skirt or wide-legged pants with that same high-waisted profile. This is my uniform, the rest of my closet be damned.

When I realized this, it was like a light bulb went on over my head. There's so much in my closet that I just don't wear. I buy things that I like the look of in theory, but they just don't do it for me when I put them on. I think "I love this dress. It's a little different, but I bet I'll wear it all the time!"

Shocker: I don't. You know what I wear all the time? My black jeans.

If I feel my best in a high-waisted silhouette, why (seriously, whyyyy???) do I even own anything else? Why couldn't my entire wardrobe just be a riff off of my favorite outfit?

So, this year, I did a clear-out. I've gotten rid of all the dresses I don't wear more than twice a year, all the boxy blouses I liked the idea of but didn't look right tucked in, and ALL of my jeans -- yes, like, every single pair of jeans -- besides my two pairs of black ones from Urban.

And you know what? IT'S FREAKING AWESOME. I don't spend an hour trying to decide what to wear, because everything in my closet is something I'd be happy to throw on without a second thought. When I buy something new, I just stick to my Uni-Formula (high waist + crop top or cami + cover up optional), and I know I'm going to love the way I look. 

So, as a reward for clearing out the things I wasn't crazy about, I decided to treat myself to a select few pieces that I knew I'd like. And what I needed most at this point? Um, you know, maybe *one other pair of pants* would be a good idea.

Enter the Tobi "Where Are You Now" black jogger pants. (*Angels siiiiiing*)

I'm a little obsessed with Tobi in general right now. They're at the top of my online shopping go-to list, along with Zara and Asos. (Apparently, I won't shop at your store if it has more than 4 letters in its name.) But these pants in particular check all of my boxes.

High waist? Check.

Black? Check.

Booty lookin' nice? Oh, check, check.

And you know what the best part is? They're well made and still affordable at $48. Since I got these a couple weeks ago, I've worn them 2-3 times a week. The UO jeans are getting a much deserved break. My only complaint would be a lack of pockets, but let's be honest. At that price point, I can afford to experiment with putting pockets in myself. Or, you know, fanny packs are supposed to be coming back in style or whatever.

So, because I love these pantalones oh, so much, and because my girlfriends and I love playing dress-up (we're adults, I think...?), I've decided to kick off the "One Piece, Three Ways" blog series. When I find something I'm really in to that I've recently added to my newly-minimalist wardrobe, I'll show you how I plan to make the most of it by styling it three ways -- for day, work, and evening.

Mmkay? Let's go.


SHOP THE LOOK: Pants // Cami // Cardigan (discontinued, but here's something similar)

This outfit probably gets a little more wear than is appropriate, really. It's just so perfectly cozy and drapey. It's one step up from pajamas, but it looks like you actually *tried.* Which, of course, you didn't because this outfit is a no-brainer. And it's really versatile, too. Throw on a pair of heels and some jewelry, and suddenly this works for the grocery store *and* the bar.

The jogger pants are, of course, from Tobi. That sweet little taupe silk cami is from Free People and was a bit of a splurge for something so simple, but part of the trick with my new mini-wardrobe is that I'm willing to spend a little more on a well-made piece because it has to last me a little longer, since it's getting so much wear. This cardigan from American Apparel is my favorite, but it's sadly discontinued. I did find something slightly similar, though.



SHOP THE LOOK: Pants // Bralette // Blazer // Shoes (discontinued, but try these)

Because I'm a musician/designer and not a 9-5 hustlin' office babe, I don't get a whole lot of opportunities to dress like Tess McGill in Working Girl. Then again, I *am* the boss around here, and I guess I can wear whatever the f*ck I want, right? I do my best to wear this blazer as often as possible, because it's blush pink shoulder-padded perfection. I'm seriously so glad it's not discontinued, because I think everyone should have this blazer. ("YOU get a blazer! And YOU get a blazer! And YOU...!") It's just the shit. I'm so glad Daniel had the sense to talk me into buying it, and so ashamed that I wasn't immediately aware of its awesomeness. But I came around. And now, it's bae.

This bralette from Tobi has turned out to be really versatile, and it has a way of amping up the sex appeal when you put it under a casual t-shirt. Sadly, the shoes don't appear to be available anymore, but I found you an alternative from Zara.


SHOP THE LOOK: Pants // Shoes // Top (discontinued, but try this or this or this)

You guys, this top is super daring and I don't wear it a lot, but I couldn't let it go. And I'm glad I didn't because, man, it's just so killer. I bought it for a wedding a few years ago and wore it with this *gorgeous* a-line knee length black skirt from Nordstrom that looked like something Diane Keaton might pair with a 3-inch wide patent leather belt. It was phenomenal then, and I think it looks pretty damn hot with the jogger pants, too.

Sadly, the top doesn't exist anymore because I think Bebe went out of business, right? (I wouldn't be a true Jersey Girl if I didn't own at least one article of clothing from Bebe.) But, I managed to find you three great alternates here, here, and here. That first one from Topshop is a dead ringer.

The shoes by Guess, which I'm pretty sure I bought about 8 years ago, are surprisingly still in circulation and can be found here, if you don't mind owning a pair of shoes that are *so* 2009. (I don't.)

Well, this has been fun! Make sure to subscribe to the blog for more of the stuff that I write about. Which is all over the place. *Shrug*

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