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One Piece, Three Ways // Making The Most Out Of A Two-Piece Set

One Piece, Three Ways // Making The Most Out Of A Two-Piece Set

Hey, chickadees! In this post, we'll talk about: 

  • Making the most out of the basics in your wardrobe.
  • How to style one piece (okay, in this case, it's a set of two pieces) for day, work, and evening.
  • How to part ways with half your wardrobe without the universe collapsing in on itself.

    Unabashedly girlie fashion post coming up. I *did* just win second place in a Harry Potter cosplay contest, so, clearly I'm now a Wardrobe Wiz (pun intended.)

So, in my last One Piece, Three Ways post, I talked about my Uni-formula, and the fact that I basically wear different versions of the same outfit every. Single. Day -- weather be damned. When I realized that I was only wearing slightly differing versions of the same ensemble (something high-waisted, a top, and a cardi/sweater/kimono), this prompted me to gut my closet and (responsibly) rid it of every single thing that didn't fit the profile. (Well, almost everything. I'm admittedly still clinging to a few things that I never wear, but just can't seem to part with. I love some of these garments, but sadly, they just don't love me back. Guys, give me a minute, this is emotional.)

You can't have them. I'm not done with them, ok?

I'll find the willpower to break up with those pieces eventually, but in the meantime I've been mainly sticking to my uniform like white on rice. I've found it so much easier to dress in the morning, and I almost always like what I see when I look in the mirror. (Except on Wobbly Wednesday, which comes right after Taco Tuesday.)

I haven't quite ventured into full-on Capsule Wardrobe territory yet (who has that kind of willpower?), but where I'm at right now feels pretty good. Just my staples, and a few dear-to-my-heart oddball pieces that I still love wearing, even if it only sees the light of day once a month. It's forcing me to get creative with the pieces that I've kept and do wear often, and I'm using them in ways that might not have occurred to me before, which keeps them feeling fresh.

So, to help me feature a couple of the pieces that I'm finding most versatile, I've recruited my lovely and ultra-talented British interior designer friend, Abi Spear. Everyone, say "hi" to Abi, and the Keelie Two-Piece Maxi Set from Tobi. (Abi's the girl, Keelie's the outfit, Tobi's the store. This sounds like roll-call in a classroom full of Millennial-spawned children, I know.) 

The piece we're working with this time around is the Keelie Black Maxi Skirt Set by Tobi, in black.... which is very sadly sold out, because I'm a dummy and took too long to post this. Womp, womp. But, there's always the chance it'll come back, and it looks like they have some left in grey! (Or, I found you some really cute alternatives here, here, and here.)

What I love about a separates set is that you get a lot of bang for your buck. One purchase, two pieces, and a zillion ways to mix-and-match them, which made the Keelie set a perfect addition to my mini-wardrobe. So, let's jump right in to "One Piece, Three Ways: Part Two," shall we?



SHOP THE LOOK: Maxi Skirt + Top Set by Tobi

You might be thinking, "who gets dressed just to lounge around the house reading books?" Well, no one, I imagine. But Abi looks quite nice doing it, doesn't she? 

In all honesty, as a work-from-home'er, I actually find it incredibly helpful for my productivity if I put on something other than yoga pants and a Star Wars tee shirt. Which is what I'm wearing right now ...and that's probably why it's 2:27 pm and this is the first "big" task I'm crossing off my to-do list today. (They say "dress for the job you want," and apparently, what I want is to magically become rich while watching Hulu. But, I digress.) 

When I have *actual work* that *actually* needs doing, I put on Grown-Up Clothes, even if I don't plan to leave the house. And the Keelie set is perfect for this. It's soft as hell, made out of this heavenly jersey cotton, and it's a quick throw-and-go kind of ensemble. You'll feel like you're wrapped up in a blanket, but look like a Greek goddess. What's not to love?



SHOP THE LOOK: Pants by Zara (discontinued, but try this) // Top by Tobi // Sweater by Free People (discontinued, but try this) // Shoes by Topshop (discontinued, but try these) // Leather Tote bag by Fashionable

Abi is an incredibly talented interior designer at a huge, super-posh firm here in Nashville -- which means that she definitely can't wear yoga pants and a Star Wars shirt to work. (Okay, maybe she can't show her midriff at the office, either, but Abi's got one of those "cool jobs." She's probably good.) So, we created this work ensemble around the top that came with the Keelie set.

She's paired it with a super-lovely pair of crimson high-waisted gaucho pants, some black sandals with a mini-heel, and a nice cozy cardigan to shield her from the frozen tundra that is every office in July. (Why does it have to be so cold? Step away from the thermostat, Jon Snow. Winter isn't coming for another 6 months.)

I also need to take a quick hot second to sing my praises for the FashionAble Tote Bag Abi's carrying. FashionAble is an amazing brand actually located here in Nashville. Their products are created by women in developing nations who have overcome adversity or who are living in poverty. Beyond being a company with a lot of heart, they also create outstanding products. I've had this tote bag for about 4 years and I haven't used *any other bag* since I bought it. It's simple, beautiful, functional, and best of all, incredibly well-made. (Plus, my massive dinosaur MacBook actually *fits* in here, which is a wonder all its own, let me tell you.) I can't recommend this bag loudly enough.


SHOP THE LOOK: Floral Top (try this from Tobi, or this from Forever 21) // Maxi Skirt by Tobi // Shoes (try these pretty babies from Zara) 

This skirt is such a dream, and so versatile. You could wear it as a beach cover-up with sandals. I wear it out on errands with a pair of Converse. Literally all you need is a change of shoes to change the entire outfit -- throw on some heels, and you're ready for a night out. 

The deal with a high-waisted skirt is that you've got to wear either a crop top, or something that can be tucked in. (Pulling a long shirt down over high-waisted jeans is one of my biggest pet peeves.) This floral top was a snag from Forever 21 -- I wore it to a wedding recently with a floor-length, high-waisted mermaid skirt from Etsy and, damn, y'all. So cute. Apparently, the top is now sold out, but I did find you some really cute floral alternatives in the caption under the photo above. And the shoes Abi is not wearing (let's just pretend she's having a quick shoe-less lounge before leaving the house) are about a zillion years old, but I still get constant compliments on them. They're made by some mysteriously illusive company called "Your Feet Look Gorgeous," and I scoured the internet trying to find them for you, to no avail. (If you have any luck tracking them down, let me know in the comments!) But I didn't fail you on this alternative, guys -- these shoes from Zara are equally as lovely, with a very similar silhouette.

Keep calm, and strut on. 

Coming up soon: News about my new band is unfolding on Instagram // I'll share a few of my favorite homemade salad dressing recipes // Part Two of my Hawaii trip (finally) 

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