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Printables // DIY Mother's + Father's Day Card Template For Kiddos!

Printables // DIY Mother's + Father's Day Card Template For Kiddos!

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Mother's Day is coming right up (and Father's Day isn't far behind!) In honor of celebrating the people we love so much -- our mommies and daddies! -- I've teamed up with Beth Beckman of the Little Kid Big City blog to bring you a super-fun craft project that you can do with your little ones.

I've introduced you to Beth before. She's the author behind "Little Kid, Big City: New York," and we connected a little over a year ago when she asked me if I'd come on board as the illustrator. (I happily said yes, of course!) Because we just can't get enough of working together, we dreamed up this little DIY project when we were together last in New York. We're so excited to share it with you now!

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This sweet little craft project is something that kiddos can do with the help of an adult. (The cutting and folding bits are a bit tricky for tiny hands, but we're sure you can handle it.) Print out the free templates and have your little one color them in. Then, grown ups can help cut, fold, and paste or tape the pieces together following the instructions.

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You'll end up with an adorable greeting card, featuring your choice of a little boy or girl, wearing a tee-shirt that says "I LOVE YOU THIS MUCH!" Just pull on their hands, and watch their little arms extend outward to show you just how much love they've got for you!

It's all too cute to be true. But it is. And we're giving it to you for free! Hooray!

Head over to Beth's blog post for step-by-step instructions and photos, or download the templates right now to get started! We hope your little ones enjoy sharing their very own greeting card with the people they love "THIS MUCH!"

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